Welcome to the Hospitality and Tourism Module of ActSafe for all owners, managers, and workers of small, medium and large sized businesses.

This package should be done after the General ActSafe Education Module.

Have you completed the General package and received your ActSafe General Health and Safety Awareness Certificate?

NO - Go to ActSafe General Education Module.

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The industry module tests contain some general information questions.  The Review Module allows you to refresh your memory before completing one or more industry modules.

This package will help you understand occupational health and safety hazards and laws and provide some practical solutions to common health and safety problems in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

This includes:

  • manual handling;
  • slips, trips and falls;
  • machinery and equipment;
  • electrical hazards;
  • hazardous substances;
  • heat stress;
  • cuts and bruises; and
  • cash handling and opening and closing procedures.

If you complete this package successfully you will receive an on-line ActSafe Hospitality and Tourism Industry Health and Safety Awareness Certficate signed by the ACT Work Safety Commissioner.

Common Hazards in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

There are common hazards that exist in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. It is important to learn about these hazards and how to work safely in these environments.

Within this industry you may be involved in a range of work activities such as food preparation, cooking, bed making, cleaning, food and beverage service, and operating office equipment.

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