Welcome to the ActSafe General Module, an on-line health and safety package for all owners, managers, and workers of small, medium and large sized businesses.

The ActSafe General Module contains information on:

  • safety management steps SAFE;
  • manual handling;
  • hazardous substances;
  • noise;
  • electricity;
  • mechanical equipment;
  • personal safety;
  • personal protective equipment;
  • dealing with emergencies;
  • workplace occupational health and safety laws;
  • responsibilities of employers and workers;
  • Work Safety Representatives;
  • role of OHS inspectors;
  • resolving health and safety problems; and
  • the right to refuse unsafe work.

If you successfully complete the self assessment test for the General Module you will receive an on-line ActSafe General Health and Safety Awareness Certificate signed by the ACT Work Safety Commissioner.

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